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The Public Dinners Page of
Stockbridge Grange # 295

2nd & 4th Fridays at 8pm, 51 Church Street, Stockbridge, MA



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A Grange Public Dinner or a  Pot Luck supper,  the image is like this. Good people, good food, good conversations.
Public Dinners
a specialty of ours.

For more years than most of us dare to count, the members of Stockbridge Grange have put on public dinners. These not only provide nourishing food to the community, promote projects we are involved in, and are a time for fellowship and community joy and converstation; but also they give us the opportunity to provide a place for someone to eat a great meal at a really good price.

Hence seniors and others on a fixed income can go "out" to eat and still stay within thier budgets, while helping a non-profit organization help others in the community that are in need.


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Mail all correspondance to Stockbridge Grange # 295, P.O. 353, Stockbridge, MA 01262

Telephone # (413) 298-2185