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Stockbridge Grange # 295

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Service Projects

If one wants to know what the Grange is all about, it is probably found in its many service projects.

Each Grange determines ways in which they can help, sometimes with other organizations, to make this a better place to live in.

In 2006 this Grange joined others to provide back-packs and small toiletry kits for children that had to be placed temporarily in a place other than thier birth homes. Often these children leave with nothing that they can call thier own. The back packs provided things that belonged now to the children and could travel with them. Some times the children had no soap or a tooth brush or comb, etc. The toiletry kits provided these essentials for them.

Such are examples of the many projects a local Grange gets involved in. It begins, however, with a member in a local Grange getting up and saying that we should do "this or that". Others agree, it is voted on, and a local Grange project is started.


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Mail all correspondance to Stockbridge Grange # 295, P.O. 353, Stockbridge, MA 01262

Telephone # (413) 298-2185